The charter school crowd surrenders to segregation.

Originally posted on Fred Klonsky:
MacArthur grant winner Hannah Nikole-Jones. The connection between segregation and quality education was at the heart of Brown v. Board of Education ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court when it banned legalized  segregated public schools  over 60 years ago. Separate but equal cannot be equal, the court ruled. Sixty years later segregated schools still predominate in the U.S. So does the argument that you can have racially segregated but equal schools. What may strike some as odd is that the argument comes from charter school promoters who once claimed that the creation of charter schools… Continue reading The charter school crowd surrenders to segregation.

Who’s Fighting for Fathers?

For millions of men Fathers’ Day means gathering with family, firing up the grill and enjoying what makes Fathers’ Day special; spending time together and reflecting on life with your children and family. For millions of kids this special day is set aside to say “Thanks Dad,” you are appreciated. Your presence, guidance, good nature, care, nurture, generosity, love and wisdom have helped shape our lives in positive ways too numerous to count. From you we learned empathy, perseverance, dedication, sacrifice in the pursuit of goals and the value of hard work. That’s the reality of Father’s Day for millions … Continue reading Who’s Fighting for Fathers?