They Will Not Be Forgotten!

Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) dedicates this issue to all those who gave, so that we may live. Who would you add? There is never a wrong time to celebrate their lives and purpose. Read more about them in our current issue at To be in the next issue go to Ron Carder, Publisher and Editor, 773-595-5229 Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Associate Publishers, Digital 773-609-2226 Advertisements Continue reading They Will Not Be Forgotten!

The Real organizer of the Bus Boycott — E.D. Nixon: The Forgotten Hero

Edgar Daniel Nixon (July 12, 1899 – February 25, 1987), known as E. D. Nixon, was a civil rights leader and union organizer in Alabama who played a crucial role in organizing the landmark Montgomery Bus Boycott there in 1955. The boycott highlighted the issues of segregation in the South, was upheld for more than a year by black residents, and nearly brought the city-owned bus system to bankruptcy. It ended in December 1956, after the United States Supreme Court ruled in the related case, Browder v. Gayle (1956), that the local and state laws were unconstitutional, and ordered the … Continue reading The Real organizer of the Bus Boycott — E.D. Nixon: The Forgotten Hero

“Spook by the door”by Khari B. From CSJ.

I’m a fine muthafu**a,” gives one a great look in to the personality of the legendary writer, poet and filmmaker Sam Greenlee who transitioned May 19; an act which I suspect was intentional. Sam loved Malcolm X and probably thought it would make for a great connection. He thought like that. Greenlee is best known by the public and federal intelligence agencies for his notorious work, “The Spook Who Sat by the Door.” He is better known to those of us close to him as an ornery, quick-witted, sharp-tongued, generous, loving writer who pursued his passion till the day he … Continue reading “Spook by the door”by Khari B. From CSJ.