They Will Not Be Forgotten!

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Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) dedicates this issue to all those who gave, so that we may live. Who would you add?

There is never a wrong time to celebrate their lives and purpose.

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Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) Is Celebrating National Black Business Month

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According to (Formerly Corporation for Enterprise Development.) it will be centuries before “wealth equality” between whites and African-Americans and Latinos is realized in the United States. (Read their report on “The Ever-Growing Gap: Without Change, African-American and Latino Families Won’t Match White Wealth for Centuries.”)

According to Neilsen (The top consumer rating agency for the nation.), “…Black consumers are one of America’s greatest assets.” Without a doubt, any group of people or country that has $1.2 trillion in buying power and who at the same time has kept virtually nothing for themselves, would be everyone’s best buddy (asset). Especially coupled with no true power or authority to govern themselves and manage the distribution of their monies. In a way, it’s almost like saying, we support racism.

Even with all these strikes against African Americans, the nation still struggles to focus and understand why Black business development matters, not only in turning the tide in the advancement of the Black race in all aspects including making them players and global decision makers, but in making them major contributors to job and enterprise development, which benefits the nation.

In Chicago, Black Business Matters not at all to those who sit at the realm of our government managing our lives in accordance with the prevailing skin tones of the residents of particular communities. Racism is nothing new in a city that is still holding on dearly and without shame or apology to its versions of the Mason-Dixon lines.

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