Ron Carter — The Artist.

Ron Carter – THE ARTIST – has been the Publisher and Editor of South Street Journal (SSJ) now Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) for almost 24 years. He has ran for office, been a community organizer, been in the military and is a former Black Panther.  Yet, the thing that is mentioned least of all about him is his creative side. The artist in him. He is featured in the latest issue of CSJ. Click HERE to view more pieces. Page 12 — April edition of Chicago Street Journal.     Advertisements Continue reading Ron Carter — The Artist.

How to become an “extra” in Chicago.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there has been a tremendous amount of film work that has come to Chicago in recent years. Never before has there been so many productions and so much work available for extras in Chicago. I started in this business in 2010, working as an extra on various film projects.  As a child, like many others, my dream was to move to Los Angeles and “make it” as an actor. The universe has a way of working things out. For those studying and aspiring actors and actresses; pursuing a film career now — no moving to … Continue reading How to become an “extra” in Chicago.