Our interview with the CEO of 365 Virtual Solutions – Jeaneane Brown.

Jeaneane Brown Chief Executive Officer 365 Solutions

Most business owners are overwhelmed and still don’t understand the importance of utilizing a virtual assistant. Can you explain to our readers the role of a virtual assistant?

The role of a virtual assistant is to assist small and medium sized business owners with day-to-day tasks. Virtual Assistants consists of individuals, as well as companies, who work remotely from home as independent professionals, providing a wide range of products and services both to businesses as well as consumers.

365 Virtual Solutions specializes in being a virtual call center for small to mid-sized business owners. How does that work?

We address the needs of these businesses with quality, round-the-clock answering services and virtual call center communications.  Which when not addressed properly and promptly, could mean lost opportunities for the company. We provide a virtual number for the business so that they can forward their calls to us. Then, we answered their calls in their company name. We also provide real-time messaging.

Enter here to read more in the latest edition of Chicago Street Journal.


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