How to become an “extra” in Chicago.

Andre BellosI’m sure you’ve noticed that there has been a tremendous amount of film work that has come to Chicago in recent years. Never before has there been so many productions and so much work available for extras in Chicago.

I started in this business in 2010, working as an extra on various film projects.  As a child, like many others, my dream was to move to Los Angeles and “make it” as an actor. The universe has a way of working things out. For those studying and aspiring actors and actresses; pursuing a film career now — no moving to LA because it’s a reality in our city.

A question I get asked frequently is, “How did you become an extra?”  Breaking into the business of becoming a background actor can be much harder than it appears, but with proper research, it can be done on a regular basis.

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Andre Bellos—is an up and coming Chicago actor who has appeared as an extra in Chi-raq and Empire.



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